TBRC Sky Treasures Matching Grant

TBRC Sky Treasures Matching Grant

March 28, 2012 6:31 pm UTC

2012 is an exciting year.  We have received a generous matching grant from an inspired donor — our Sky Treasures Matching Grant.  Sky Treasure is a translation of the Tibetan word, ནམ་མཁཨའ་མཛོད།, nam mkha’ mdzod — signifying inexhaustible treasure.  With over sixteen thousand volumes (more than nine million pages) of Tibetan texts accessible via the Internet, TBRC is a modern Tibetan library unlike any that has existed —a virtual sky treasury.

The grantor will match donations up to $100,000 each year for the next three years to help support our mission.  Every dollar given to TBRC will be matched.  Your giving has a direct impact on our work in the following areas:

Seek Out & Preserve

  • Expand a cooperative network for the long-term preservation of Tibetan texts and secure Tibetan collections for scanning.


  • Develop our advanced library using an evolving set of technological tools that is based on Gene’s Smith’s approach to the Tibetan literary tradition.


  • Integrate a fully featured multi-language website with a ‘Google-Style’ Tibetan book search and a comprehensive archive of scanned Tibetan literature spanning all traditions and literary genres.
  • Distribute the library to every monastery on the planet by 2015.

Contact Executive Director, Jeff Wallman, at jeffwallman@tbrc.org for more information.

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