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Happy Holidays and New Year from our Lunchbox Communications and Digital Dharma
Buddhist Film Foundation is a great supporter of Digital Dharma and so many other films that matter to the #Keepwisdomalive community. Please consider making a donation to help bring more great #BuddhistFilms to audiences around the world!

Great news! your contribution to Buddhist Film Foundation will be doubled through the end of the year due to the generosity of an anonymous donor. They screened and helped to get the word out about Digital Dharma please consider their year-end campaign if you can:

Please Join Our Year-end Appeal | BUDDHIST FILM FOUNDATION
Special very limited edition photographs by Don Farber are available as a thank you for your generous donations. Please see below. Your Support Makes a
A call to action to help Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center… #Keepwisdomalive

Running Out of Disk Space as We Approach 10 Million Pages
Reaching Out to Our Users Last week, the Wikipedia fundraising campaign inspired us to copy their year-end effort. And why not? TBRC has millions of pages of Tibetan texts that are readily a...
This week marks 4 years since E. Gene Smith passed away…
And we miss him. #Keepwisdomalive.
Before the end of the year consider donating to his beloved Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center or the 84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha.

We give thanks at this time of year to all who have graced our path. But our hearts go out to friends who have loved ones that recently passed. We are morning the recent loss of Peter Gruber. He was a great patron of the sciences, human rights and the preservation and translation of Tibetan Buddhism. A close friend of E.Gene Smith, it was Peter and his wife Pat that were the catalyst for the making of the film, Digital Dharma. Jeff Wallman of Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center wrote a beautiful tribute.

Peter Gruber, In Memoriam
It is with great sadness I announce that our beloved friend Peter Gruber (1929-2014) passed away on Saturday October 19, 2014.
Very nice article about the life story of E. Gene Smith. It is in Chinese, written by Lily Shen published in a magazine called "Xin Zhi".